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First produced in a small wood-frame building behind the family home, Golden Eagle Syrup has been a family-run company from the beginning, started by Mr. Victor Patterson and Mrs. Lucy Patterson in 1928. The unique syrup blend quickly became a staple in Alabama homes, and with growing demand, Mr. and Mrs. Patterson made the decision to move the manufacturing operations of Golden Eagle Syrup to a factory building in downtown Fayette, Alabama in 1944. 

Original Can Designs 

After the passing of Mr. and Mrs. Patterson, Golden Eagle continued to thrive under the direction of the Patterson children, Mr. Victor Patterson, Jr., Mrs. Jeanie Patterson Newell, and her son-in-law, Mr. Herbert Newell, until 1986. 

Today, Golden Eagle remains a family-owned, family-run operation, under the direction of Temple Bowling, John Blevins and their respective families. With great appreciation for the history that has gone before them and a strong commitment to preserving the tradition and quality of the product, their mission is to continue to produce Golden Eagle Syrup to the highest standards possible in keeping with the Pattersons' vision.

Temple Bowling hand tightening a jar of Golden Eagle Syrup. March 2017.


Missy Miles' hand painted mural 

on the factory building.

The historic Fayette building remains the home of Golden Eagle Syrup today. Each jar continues to be hand tightened as it was in 1928, ensuring that tradition is honored in every jar that leaves the building.  

Golden Eagle Syrup is a unique blend of corn syrup, cane sugar syrup, cane molasses and pure honey. It is this unique blend that makes Golden Eagle a syrup without any equal for any meal. Whether it is enjoyed with pancakes at breakfast, or baked into a pecan pie for dessert, Golden Eagle has — and will continue to have — a place at every table. 

Martha Kimbrell, Annie Wright, Temple Bowling, Kimberly Bowling, Willard Tyner, John Blevins, Rivers Bowling

The Bowling & Blevins Families at Golden Eagle HQ

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